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Marcus T
06-04-2006, 09:18 PM
MART Rallying driver Marcus Tinsley and his new co-driver Rachel Medich took their 1300cc Peugeot 106 Rallye to an impressive 4th in class and 30th overall on the recent SMC Stages held at Weeton Army Barracks on the 2nd April 2006.

The day started well with the new pairing setting 4th fastest time in class, a matter of seconds behind the class leaders in trecherous driving conditions. The second test, a re-run of the first stage proved disasterous for the Dual Seal Glass, Rodgers Plant Hire and Tinsley Joiners and Associated Services supported crew. An overshoot into one of Weeton’s infamous kerbs caused a double puncture and forced the crew to stop mid-stage to change one of the punctured wheels. This costly mistake dropped Tinsley and Medich to last in class and the promise of a good result was all but over. This didn’t dampen the spirits of the crew as much as the torrential rain tried and with the tyres changed in service they were back on the stages to salvage what little they could from the situation which they were in. A string of quick times saw the crew climb from 15th into the top 10 in the 1400 cc class.

With the day drawing to a close Tinsley and Medich found themselves 6th in class with two stages to go. With Marcus driving quicker and quicker each stage the times which the crew were setting were very competitive with the class front runners. The pairing threw caution to the wind on the final stage and set a blistering time which saw them overhaul two cars and move from 6th to 4th in class and 30th in the overall standings. “With the overshoot dropping us out of contention on the 2nd stage we set out to enjoy ourselves and see what the car could do with the new modifications which we had done over the winter break,” remarked Tinsley. “Rachel performed superbly and the times reflected our relationship in the car. We were both just enjoying the day. When I came to look at the times and I saw that we were climbing the leaderboard it inspired me to try harder, too hard in some places! We were 6 seconds behind 4th in class going into the final stage and he had a target on his back. I have never driven like that before and may not for quite a while! We were absolutely flying and managed to beat him by 7 seconds on the stage and take 4th in class.”

Marcus also recieved an award for 1st Under 23 year old driver which came completely unexpected! “ I didn’t have a clue about the award until I recieved a phone call from a friend as I was driving back to Huddersfield! It was a complete shock but it made up for the problems we had at the start of the day and it was nice to be rewarded some how for all the effort all the team put into the day.”

Marcus has now decided to once again contest the ANCC Championship and the result at the weekend has given him some useful points to open his championship account. “ With our pace at the weekend it is silly not to have another attempt at the championship. I was visibily quicker on the stages and this should lead to better results than those achieved in 2005 and hopefully a class award in the championship.”

Marcus and Rachel will hopefully be competing together again on the 24th June at RAF Swinderby in Lincolnshire. In the meantime Marcus and regular navigator Chris Roberts are launching a campaign to attempt Rally of the Midlands on 9th – 11th June. The Rally is based in Hinkley and is an ultimate test of the crew and the car with 25 stages over 3 days and includes stages through town centres, racing circuits and stately homes.

06-04-2006, 11:38 PM
Sounds like you had some fun mate. Fancy coming for a play at Wilbarston on 28th May?

Marcus T
08-04-2006, 11:51 AM
Yeah had great fun - nah can't make Wilbarston - I'm doing the ANCC Championship again and looks like i'll be out at Melborne 2 weeks before. I'll be going to Wilbarston in October for the final round of the ANCC but can't see me doing anything other than championship rounds for the time being unless someone wants to give me loads of money to go rallying!!!!

Ben Tearle
08-04-2006, 06:23 PM
Yeah I saw you in action, red s1 isn't it? I was helping a mate in his Sierra Cosworth...shame the weather was so bad, motorsports not fun when your piss through! :(

Marcus T
09-04-2006, 12:17 PM
Yeah red s1 - I've never seen rain like it and the amount of water everywhere was just awesome!!!
We seemed to find the part in the service area with the big puddle - service crew were under 3 inch of water all day!