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22-05-2006, 05:01 PM
(Yes for those of you that noticed i did accidently post this in the Pub Talk section :o )

I've just started a new job where im payed weekly so because i was payed a month in leu at my old place my last paycheck will overlap and i'll get some money to play with so seen as i have gone done busted my top hats on my struts i'm gonna upgrade my suspension.....

Stage 1: Get struts from my old car back off of Harper. (Check)

Stage 2: Strip them, clean them, hammerite them black (maybe black) and replace bearings between top hat and strut top thing. (Half done)

Stage 3: Wait for pay check, buy Bilstein Sprintline set with all four dampers and front springs and a set of wheel bearings for the front.

Stage 4: Clean up and refurbish old Calipers from my old S1 and hammerite them red.

Stage 5: Fit the front dampers and springs into the newly painted struts.

Stage 6: Spend a weekend taking out and replacing the front struts, fitting painted calipers and swapping brake pads before following Sandy Brown's step by step guide to adjusting one's torsion bar and then fitting my new rear dampers.

Stage 7: Have a sex wee over the new lower look and better handling of my li'll S1 Biatch :p

Sooooo, Any advice?

By the way how to fook do you get the damper out of the strut? I know you have to undo that galvanised sleeve at the top that has three holes in the top but its so damn tight that even the combined weight of me AND my dad on a uni grip wrench thing didn't budge it even with a blow torch to expand it!? :(

Rob Lyon
22-05-2006, 05:06 PM
theres a thing for them called a peg spanner but we couldnt find one. The previous owner had used a chisel and hammer and we used like a big pair of mole grips ish. You doing wishbone bushes? are the driveshafts okay as now would be prime to change them;)

22-05-2006, 05:21 PM
Drive shafts are about a month old and I replaced the rear wishbone bushes about 2 months ago. I could change the ball joints and the pivot bush if they arn't too expensive i guess.

As for the sleeve on the struts i guess its just a case of brute force then lol

Fuzzy Orange
22-05-2006, 05:39 PM
Search function ;)

Have you had your strut tops straightened then??

22-05-2006, 06:00 PM
its not the strut tops that are bent, its the the top hats. Theres the dish bit that the spring sitings into, then at bearing and then a top hat that sits on that with a big nipple bolts to the strut strut top that bolts to the chassis. The bit with the nipple is the bent bit on my car, the nipple has de-errected due to the impact the suspension got i assume which has left about 3-5mm slack in the top mountings causing graunching and clunking.

Fuzzy Orange
22-05-2006, 06:03 PM
Ahhh right understand :)

Well best of luck with it - sounds like a good upgrade