View Full Version : I WILL have a project

27-01-2007, 08:51 PM
After needing my rallye for everyday use i cant start working on it then not being able 2 use it 4 a day or 2. So i am buying another Rallye :D which will be my project car. Grandparents are selling there BMW soon so the garage is all mine. They should be sellling there car in the spring time so i have plenty of time to save up and get tooled up. Yesterday i bought a 150 piece pro socket set from halfords (lifetime garantee tools:) ) along with a torque wrench. Paid 135 for the lot, should be 200quid but 50quid discount on the socket set and also a fiver of (trade discount) and a tenner of the torque wrench, well chuffed.
I shall start a thread when i get the my hands on a Rallye and the project will begin.woo hoo