View Full Version : S2 Rallye insurance valuation headache....

20-07-2016, 07:22 PM
A few weeks back someone managed to crash into the back corner of my S2 in a car park.

After the laborious process of proving I wasn't at fault the insurance company moved on to assessing the damage and valuing the car. Unforunately they've only considered guide prices (Parkers/Glass) and come back to me with the frankly ridiculous offer 500!!

I've challenged this repeatedly and sent over evidence of the current sale prices (seems to be around 2000-2500 for a standard S2 with around 150,000 on the clock) but i've been told that my only option is to seek my own independent evaluation from an accredited source.

Any advice at this stage would be massively appreciated! If anyone knows of a valuation company that would actually look at current used prices in the market as opposed to relying on a book price or has any advice to help me challenge with the insurers then you'd be helping to save a Rallye from being written off!

(Obviously it'll be going back on the road either way but a fair settlement to pay for fixing the damage would make life much easier!!)

21-07-2016, 08:17 AM
Sorry to hear this mate, I had exactly this issue when my car was written off.

Looking around you might be best getting a classic car valuation company to come out, but it could well cost quite a bit of course.

These guys aren't a million miles away: http://www.classiccarvaluations.co.uk/

This was my tale of woe with insurance etc: http://www.106rallyeforum.com/forum2008/showthread.php?t=90740