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106rallye.co.uk 11-11-2012 08:59 PM

New vacancies for rallye register in 2013 - want to get involved?

We are hoping to fill some vacancies that we have currently have on the 106 Rallye Register admin team.

2012 has been a tough year for the club so we need more involvement from members if we want a better year in 2013. We used to have some really good people involved in the running of the club but these guys have faded away so we need some new blood!

There will be a few new faces on the mods team but if you are interested in any of the roles below please email mark on mark@106rallye.co.uk with your credentials!

1) Membership Secretary: A very important role!! Requires much time and dedication. You need to online and active virtually every day to answer queries and process memberships. We got let down badly by our old secretary so I have been filling in till we find someone reliable enough.

2) Discount Directory Organiser: We need someone to maintain and update our DD for 2013. You need to contact all current suppliers to check current discounts, then make new contacts and find discounts for the club. It doesn't just have to be for parts, it could be insurance, track days, entertainment, etc

3) Events Organiser: We need someone to manage and promote national events throughout the year. You will be in charge of booking events, taking payments, promoting events on the forum, sending tickets out, etc. Need to be super enthusiastic and hard working as it's a tough job getting the new generation to come to events these days!

4) Group Leader Co-ordinator: We need someone to organise and manage our group leaders. Making sure every region is covered, be there to support the leaders, promote the regions, managing when leaders step down, sorting out new leaders, etc

5) Motorsport Co-ordinator: We need someone to promote motorsport activities that our members compete in. This could be posting about events, car specs, etc. Need to start a new list of motorsort competitors and keep track of what they are up to. Also encourage new members to join from motorsport. Also to run a new sponsorship scheme to help RR members in motorsport.

6) Mods Panel: We are looking for new people to sit on the mods panel to help the daily running of the forum. We need new idea's, new promotions, new decisions, etc

Daih12 24-10-2013 04:23 PM

Hey guys who is in charge / leader of the South Wales area thanks

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