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jools 30-01-2011 09:24 AM

Jool's s2 Rallye

Due to a few requests I am posting up a few pictures of the Rallye from over the years. I am happy to ask questions, but not really one for 'blogging' every time something new occurs, mainly as I never seem to have the time.

Brief history. Bought the Rallye at the end of 2003, with the plan to build it into a comp car; previously I had been working on a 106 XSi, but this Rallye came up on this forum for £1500. Two days later I had bought it. Work was very slow to start with as I had virtually no mechanical experience, little idea of the spec, and not even any where to store it. One thing that did inspire me all the way were these Jenvey DCOE throttle bodies I bought (zetec manifold?), I was planning back in the day to have one of the first TB'd s2 Rallyes


I hade a few things I had brought from other projects, namely a set of lovely hi-spec four pots and this lovely alloy rad.


I was inspired to build a comp car buy a guy at work who sprinted triumph’s in the 1980’s, and this inspired me to have ago myself. Having always been a fan of the mag CCC I always admired the detail of many rally cars and wanted a rally car inspired build, I had a wee idea that one day it may go Rallying, so much of the parts I used were Pug sport grp N and A, which lead to the first big spend, Safety Devices pug sport cup cage and Motordrive buckets. I was arse raped by the company who fitted this lot, but that a sore point. Most of the photos of work I did in the first two years is lost but mainly was tidying up, interior painting etc.


I moved onto engine bits in 2006 when I was offered a garage to use for free, with the car was secure and a recent promotion I could start spending money on bits



A conversation with a French company got me thinking about trying to replicate some of the features of the 106 kit car engine, namely TB’s , 170 bhp 8v engine. For a year I went down several blind alleys and at one point I almost bought some unfinished castings of the very very rare direct to head TB’s used on the kit car, but directions changed tack when I spoke to Sandy Brown and I saw the light, and went down the route of singles on one of his and Colin Satchell’s manifolds.

With the engine built the car was mapped by a localish company based a little further south and it reputed to make 135 bhp with standard engine on TB’s, my arse; it was not road legal so after a few private test miles at work (with my boss in the car to save awkward questions), it seemed to run ok, I later discovered on a track day that it ran was massively under powered, and was been beaten by another s2 Rallye on the day that had single TB and the same amount of power.

The new engine mapping had left me with no working dash instruments so I decided to build my own dash using gauges from SPA, these are fantastic and very trick, and I could now see what speed I was doing.

After the mapping of the car the big exciting thing was I had bought a garage with two bed semi attached, the Rallye was coming home.

One quick fix was to fit a s1 box which showed a lot of improvement, thank you very much Leo, I also found I had fuel serge problem to installed a second pump (the in tank one served as a lift pump), and a swirl pot




In 2008 I decided I needed a new engine. Sandy Brown was my first and only port of call and we quickly hatched a plan that would see the cars power escalate to a level that certainly exceeded my expectations. I would have been happy with 150 bhp, and my secret hope was to break the 100bhp/litre,and make around 160 bhp.

With the engine out over the winter of 2008/2009 I had a deadline to meet, getting married April 2009, so as my wife planned our wedding I stripped the front end of the car for a complete tidy up, seam weld, and few custom parts and a respray (all completed in a single garage with the car still on the trailer it is stored on.





With the car back together I made my way to Mark Shillaber’s workshop in Cornwall where Sandy would work his magic. Incidentally the head was originally worked my Mark Shellibier and later reworked by sandy to match my TB manifold, more strangely it came from Leo’s car, first the gearbox and now this I am slowly acquiring leo’s car.

It was one of the hottest days of the year and if any one has been to Marks rolling road will know the doors have to be closed down for high speed runs due to the noise, mapping is a stressful business for the customer, god knows what it is like for Sandy. With the mapping done it came to about 165 bhp or thereabout so I was very happy, phoning up the guy at work who first inspired me to do the project with the news.

jools 30-01-2011 09:25 AM

I got the car home and got the car MOT’d for the first time in about 6 years unfortunately began a saga of dodgy wiring. I had previously stripped the cars loam ala Haynes manual style and I had made my best attempt at making a functional loam with new fuses etc, but alas the bloody engine cut out everytime it got hot. Out of the 10 times I went for a drive I came home under my own steam once! Having phoned everyone I knew to tow me home, or push me up the road as I nearly got home.

The decision was made to start the loam again from scratch, and use three electrical circuits.
1. The bare minimum components needed to run the engine.
2. Components the are useful when running the car on a track day
3. Any else needed to pass an MOT

At this point I would like to thank my wife for putting up with a dashboard and loam spread across the front room for at least three months (I am sure I am rebuilding the kitchen as punishment)


I started the rewire by buying a second hand dash and full interior loam, I had cut back the original dash and never liked it so time to go back to a near standard dash. I then drew a wiring diagram, although conversations with the guy at Polevolt changed a few things, namely the use of relays to improve switch reliability. With the wiring done it was all back into the car.


With a lot of on the drive testing everything seemed fine and with a bit of MOT left I set out with the by then usual tow rope on board up the road, yet another kind guy towed me home as the problem still appeared. After a few conversations with Sandy, who’s customer support is second to none we traced the problem to the crank sensor wire, it transpired it was getting hot and malleable, and when the fan blew it would move the cable enough to cause a break in the cable to open up stalling the engine. As a bonus of this the car received a new crank sensor, coil pack, HT leads and new red top battery and a replacement alternator.

Sandy very kindly took my loam and completely rebuilt it. With the whole lot plugged back into the car it worked a dream. I trailered the car back to Sandy this time to another rolling road where it received a second setting up to be sure everything was working fine with the sensor cable problem now cured, and we thought we got a little bit more power, perhaps touching the unthinkable 170bhp?

By now it was the summer of 2010 and I was managing to enjoy the car for the rest of the summer with a few road miles, one 50 mile trip was the best experienced in the car and brought a smile to my face every time I toughed the throttle.

Unexpectedly Sandy phoned me and asked if I would attend a rolling road shoot out at Power Station, normally being an anti-social character I made an expectation, on the basis that he was wanting some of his customers cars put on the rollers. Present was a very tidy 205 Rallye with 16v engine owned by Jackman, a 106 Race car that is the current Castle Combe saloon championship 2010 class and overall winner owned by Nick C, (please correct me if I am wrong) and my own 106 Rallye 8v , representing a small proportion of the engines Sandy builds.


With the car on the rollers every one crowded round, there had been a number of different Jap cars on the rollers, so every one looked at this shed of a 106 with a bit of interest. With the car strapped down it was time for the power run, needless to say it caused a lot of interest as the numbers rose beyond what people expected, with it finally reaching. 169.9 BHP with 127 ft/lb torques @ 5905 rpm. I am going to call that 170 bhp, pretty much what the 106 kit car engine produced, smiles all round. And a few jap boys trying to see how a little French hatch with 8valves and no V-tec jiggery pokery gained so much


It is almost ready for it’s début in competition and I hoping to complete one or more sprints this year, although I have to be very careful how much it costs as I have a baby on the way mid this year. The new plans for the car are based on reliability, and cost effectiveness of running for the future. As many of you are ware I am in the process of acquiring parts for a BE conversion, and in the process will fit a Sash shift. I pan to move away from the pug sport France coilover conversion and upgrade to something like GAZ Gold Coilovers for damper adjustability and better spring choice.

Other than that enjoy.

I will post the spec up of the car when I get a chance, but for now I would like give a massive thanks to Sandy Brown, Colin Satchell, Mark Shillaber, Mark Yates for supposing parts and inspiration at the very beginning, The guy at work who shall remain unnamed, another very good friend who let me use his garage for two years, and of course my dog.

Sorry this is too long, but you had to ask for a bit of a blog!

indigorallye 30-01-2011 09:29 AM

And about time too!

JAMason 30-01-2011 10:08 AM

Your a dedicated man jools! Your showing those 16v boys that 8 less valves isn't the end of the world! :)

dunc 30-01-2011 10:37 AM

Nice write up Jools.

jools 30-01-2011 10:43 AM

thank you.

Here is the spec from information I have on my database of purchases I keep

Car specifications

Body/Safety and Interior
Peugeot 106 s2 rallye 1998, R, Bianca white shell. Original exterior paintwork, full black bodykit fitted.
deeper custom front air dam
Completely cleaned and repainted underneath
Cleaned and repainted inside arches
Seam welded engine bay, strut top reinforcement plates, cut scuttle fully primed and repainted.
Alloy removable bottom rad support -
Peugeot sport sumpguard
LND wiper assembly
Front windscreen replaced with heated one
Stripped interior, fully painted inside in Bianca white
Steel fuel pump box in place of rear seats
Full Safety Devices/pug sport Grp A 12 point roll cage, with additional safety devices padding
Pair of Motordrive Pro seats
Motordrive carbon front floor cards
Pair of Luke 2000 5 point harness
Sparco grp n quick release wheel boss and Sparco steering wheel
4mm Polycarbonate windows made my own hands
All door and rear carbon panels and additional trim panels made by me laying up sheets of carbon on glass.
Zero 2000 4.0 fire marshal mechanical system
2.4 lts hand held extinguisher
Fibreglass boot and bonnet, aero catches on bonnet
Replacement standard dash
SPA gauges, new warning lights, and custom wiring loam throughout, with new fuses, relays, switches etc.
Red top 15 battery relocated to behind passenger
Bilge pump blower fan for air
Sigg converted washer bottle and remote washer pump
FIA master switch, properly fitted!

Sandy brown built engine – enough said!
Jenvey 45-40mm single TB’s, with Sandy brown inlet manifold
40mm trumpets
ITG Sausage filter
Vauxhall red top injectors - cleaned
Jenvey -6 fuel rail
-6 fuel pressure reg -6
Omex 500A ecu
Vernier pulley
Silicone HT leads
New coil
Cam cover powder coated.
All fuel lines converted to –6 alloy fittings and stainless hose
All cam cover breather lines converted to –8 allow fittings
All oil lines converted to –10 alloy fittings and stainless hose
New pressure pump, with in tank pump lifting to swirl tank
Mocal catch tank
Alloy rad
Kenlowe 10" Rad fan on override switch.
Samco silicone hose kit with additional samco hoses removing heater matrix
Pug sport grp a engine mounts
Raceland stainless exhaust manifold
Pug sport exhaust (no cat)
Poly exhaust mounts
Sound barrier exhaust extension (not needed under 95 db’s)
Pug sport clutch sprung plate

Hi spec brake kit with new discs and green stuff pads
Fly off hand brake leaver converted to hydraulic hand brake
Satchell servo delete plate
Recon rear calipers
AP racing Brake bias valve
All brake lines running through car where possible.
-3 stainless brake lines
Speed bleeders on both front and rear (m10 and m7)

Peugeot sport France coilover conversion
Custom Front spring 91mm id, 250lb from D. Faulkner
Custom front helper spring and alloy helper spring seat
Front ARB - Option of four - 16mm (lower spec) 18mm (quicksilver) 20mm (1.4 xsi) or 22mm (Rallye/Gti)
Front and rear Bilstein grp n damper set
Peugeot sport Gp N top mounts
22mm rear torsion bars
25.4mm rear ARB
Front lower Satchbrace
Front upper omp brace
Poly bushed all round
Alloy front wishbone rear support

BE4 conversion.
Citroen berlingo case (new)
206 gti 180 ratios
Citroen dispatch non td final drive 4.9
Gripper diff
Peugeot 306 1.8 passenger driveshaft
peugeot 405 1.8/2.0 drivers driveshaft (shortened)
Peugeot 306 BE hubs machined to suit 37mm bearing (+ spacers)
Citroe berlingo MA intermediate bearing
Titch gearbox mounts
rose jointed rear torque link
clutch cable conversion

Satchshift with BE conversion

Stud conversion
10mm Hubcentric spacers
4x sets of 205 1.9 Gti alloys. 1x powder coated white 1x Sprayed rallye blue (speedlines) 1 x black
Race tyres - dry 195 50 15 TOYO888’s
race tyres- wet - 195 50 15 tbc
track day/road 195 45 15 toyo tir's

ash w 30-01-2011 03:38 PM

awsome build dude, 8v ftw dont need 16v lol :)

Aleksandr 30-01-2011 09:20 PM


Originally Posted by indigorallye (Post 743551)
And about time too!

Indeed! Peer pressure is a wonderful thing :p

Fantastic build dude, lots of really nice attention to detail and a great spec.

Gus 30-01-2011 09:46 PM

Fantastic car Jools, all the best in the racing :)

thorney_1988 30-01-2011 09:55 PM

real nice car mate, and a write up to go with it :D

sandy309 31-01-2011 05:13 AM

Great read and a great car, thanks for that :)

scottmmw 27-08-2011 08:51 AM

Liking the car pal, any more news on it?

jools 20-09-2011 06:21 AM

Small update, or more a list for a plan for the winter.

New suspension. Fronts, replacing the grp n's and Pug sport France coilovers (they will be up for sale before Christmas) for GAZ Gold units, undecided on springs as of yet but thinking about 275lb ones, got a 20mm arb to fit as well. Rears GAZ Gold dampers, 22mm torsion bars and 25.4mm arb.

Already fitted the rear dampers and arb and after a drive yesterday seems to be working well, although only track time will really tell. Need to strip the fronts to send off to be rebuilt. It took a bit of time to decide which dampers to go for as there are lots of options and the bilsteins I have are very good, however my decision was made after talking to some of the Castle Combe Saloon boys, plus they fitted into my budget.

Some pics



Gearbox. Fit the BE conversion, now I have got everything I need. Only thing I have to do is see if I can use the wheel studs in the MA hub, or sell them complete and buy new studs, as they are stud locked in.

Body shell. As you can see in previous photos the fuel pump, swirl pot, filter etc in the rear of the car, this needs to go into a box, after thinking about different options I have decided to make a steel box that is recessed into the floor, cutting out where the fuel tank access holes are, and mounting this lot above the fuel tank, should be a lot neater, and safer!

Kitchen, oh need to finish this before work starts on the car - tiling= boring!

That's it really, cars been taken off the road at the end of this month for it's normal winter layup. Hopefully will post some updates as and when they happen.

jools 03-10-2011 08:19 PM

The winter strip down begins, with seats, floor trays, tailgate removed;need to take the fuel tank out next in prep for making a steel box to put the fuel pump and swirl pot into.


Cyb3r 03-10-2011 08:25 PM

And A Satchshift ;)

jools 03-10-2011 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by Cyb3r (Post 778286)
And A Satchshift ;)

Goes without saying!

mattrallye 03-10-2011 08:45 PM

Cars looking very impressive jools! Hows the BE conversion coming on?

jools 03-10-2011 09:02 PM

Aye, cheers for the comments. Think I am getting there with the BE conversion, almost everything is sorted all bar contacting Colin about converting the MA Satchshift to a BE one, and making up the sortened driveshaft.

Starting to think about maybe even giving the old girl a new lick of paint, although I have a spare body kit in black, maybe a black and white Rallye for 2012??

vossy 04-10-2011 07:00 PM

Good work Jool's, good to hear the BE conversion is pretty much done.

Ready for a seasons sprinting/hillclimbing next year?

Will you be selling my old box when you fit the BE? If so let me know as i might have it back:)

jools 05-10-2011 07:51 AM


Originally Posted by vossy (Post 778387)
Good work Jool's, good to hear the BE conversion is pretty much done.

Ready for a seasons sprinting/hillclimbing next year?

Will you be selling my old box when you fit the BE? If so let me know as i might have it back:)

Hope to do something next year, maybe a sprint. I was intending to have a go at Colerne sprint as that is where I do most of my track days, but they have stopped motorsport events for now, may have to be combe.

The box will be available, as will be grp a linkage, quick shift, driveshafts, some grp a mounts, hubs etc, but not sure when, certainly not until next spring as I want to do some road miles with the BE before I am happy.

Gloskris 05-10-2011 11:55 AM

Under the radar or what !!!? One word to describe this Jools EPIC

shenparbitch 05-10-2011 05:29 PM

superb... absolutely superb....

jools 05-10-2011 07:42 PM


Originally Posted by shenparbitch (Post 778477)
superb... absolutely superb....

No way near as good a build as yours, which is truely impressive!

shenparbitch 05-10-2011 07:55 PM

hahaha thats a big compliment, thanks... i had to smile reading about your quest to obtain some gen-you-whine 8v DTH bodies.. i spent a good year talking terrible french to companies trying to get some before giving up..

mattrallye 05-10-2011 08:05 PM

Credit where credits due guys!

jools 05-10-2011 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by shenparbitch (Post 778505)
hahaha thats a big compliment, thanks... i had to smile reading about your quest to obtain some gen-you-whine 8v DTH bodies.. i spent a good year talking terrible french to companies trying to get some before giving up..

That was a bit of a crazy quest back then. I have got some photos of the castings somewhere, I even went up to Jenvey to discuss the possability of them finishing them off with machining and installing butterflys etc, they just smiled and said I was mad; should have bought them for some unusual book ends as they suggested!

I even managed to track down a complete kit car engine, but at 8-10k it was a bit expensive at the time (still is thinking about it). Then Sandy came along and the engines fate was sealed.

mattrallye 05-10-2011 08:24 PM

Now that's passion Jools! I think that's what I like so much about your project, your attention to detail and very good workmanship. :) What spec were the kit car engines? is there anywhere on the net where I can find out more on the car specs?

shenparbitch 05-10-2011 09:00 PM

Krs used to run a pink s1 (iirc) with the engine and it was those who i was talking to.. amongst a couple of other french/belgian teams..

I may have some pics somewhere...

8v dth bodies......



i dont have any engine specs im affraid..

sorry for hijack jools.. i would have loved to see jenveys reaction when you approached them to finish the castings...

mattrallye 05-10-2011 09:01 PM

Please find those pics! :) Jools I've just done a little bit of googling and found a really old post of yours! Very interesting! :)

jools 05-10-2011 09:21 PM

No idea of the engine specs I am affraid, apart from they were around 170 bhp for the 8v one from memory, never managed to find out the engine internal specs, and I have no idea if there is anything available on tinternet. There was a lot of part info on the peugeot sport france website for the kit car, but i think this info is largly now unavailable. I do believe that the KRS s1 pictured above one was based on a normal track shell.

jools 06-10-2011 06:20 AM


Originally Posted by trophy380 (Post 778528)
Please find those pics! :) Jools I've just done a little bit of googling and found a really old post of yours! Very interesting! :)

I have searched and searched, but I reckon they have been lost when an old email account was closed, All I can remember is that the castings were replica ones by chadil, so not genuine ones, but close enough at the time, unfortunatly Chadil (certinly at the time) did not have the best casting quality.

jools 09-10-2011 11:42 AM

Bit of progress this morning, well I say progress, currently one step forward two back. Managed to take the doors off, unfortunatly they will not fit through the loft hatch (50mm too small- did consider enlarging the hatch, but that's of hastle for not much gain). No space under the bed, so they will have to go in the garage somewhere.

Had a total pig of a job reversing the car onto the trailer which is also stored in the garage, it is bad enough going driving wheels first, but this was the first time I had reversed too much power and slippery ramps ment the cars wheel dropped of the ramp just as it touched it, not too sure what happened, and the result could have been a lot worse, as it squashed the side skirt, but quickly whipped it off and found the sill to be ok, the misshap left me needing a new side skirt and a front arch to repair. Seems like 2012 could be the year of the black body kit afterall!

Also could do with a pair of front wings in white - good condition i.e. do not need painting

Will post up a picture of the damage, and how little space single garages have!

sje00 09-10-2011 01:21 PM

What power did it makes at the wheels buddy??
Mine made 129.9 atw.

jools 09-10-2011 06:48 PM

Haven't a clue.

Stuck doing DIY this afternoon. After trying to find a home for my doors I decided to re-measure the loft, and decided it was only 20mm too small, so managed to convince my lovely Wife that by dismantling the frame/trim for the loft hatch I could gain the extra clearence needed, then refit the trim so it looks like I have not been up there, result, the doors are now in the loft! The slight snag is I have promised to do a little DIY before I can dismantle the hatch to get the doors back out. Can you drive a car on the road with no doors?

mattrallye 09-10-2011 06:55 PM

Haha! Sounds like you've had a rather eventful weekend! lol Pity about the damage though Jools.

shenparbitch 09-10-2011 07:14 PM

hahahaha i`m sorry for laughing mate, its not aimed at the slippery ramp calamity, more the DIY deals being struck before any car work can be done...

all women must be in on this bartering system as last month i was doing this:


jools 09-10-2011 07:48 PM


Originally Posted by shenparbitch (Post 778898)
hahahaha i`m sorry for laughing mate, its not aimed at the slippery ramp calamity, more the DIY deals being struck before any car work can be done...

all women must be in on this bartering system as last month i was doing this:


Had to laugh at the slippery ramp myself in the end, my own stupid fault for rushing, should have used the winch! The body work while rust free is battered here and there, but it intended for comp use so not bothered really.

ps. I would go for the one on the left, but I must admit they all look pretty much the same!

jools 16-10-2011 03:12 PM

oop's a hole in the floor!
Now the car is in the garage it is time to cack on with the winter jobs. First is build a box in the floor behind the driver for the fuel system. I will let the photos explain.





With the fuel tank back in I can work out exactly the space I have for the fuel system. The steel box needs to be 250mm high at the front edge, so not too tall. Next up a cardboard mock up.

Cris B 16-10-2011 09:05 PM

Good work :D

jools 13-11-2011 06:37 PM

Been busy over the last few days, building the steelbox to take the fuel system. This is mk2 as mk1 was not good enough as I managed to warp the steel while seam welding with too much heat. Second time round upped the gas flow and used damp rags to take as mch heat from the surrounding metal. Need to grind back a few more welds, then plug weld it into the car. Unfortunatly ran out of gas so need to find the best way of getting some more, I have a large bottle that came with the welder, but alas no one will fill it. Any suggestions? Currently using argosheild light, but co2/argon mix will do. May have to resort to pure co2 i it looks too expensive.

Sorry about the crappy mobile phone pics, they look better if you squint!





shenparbitch 13-11-2011 06:43 PM

have a look on www.mig-welding.co.uk and have a look to see if theres local suppliers...

for my pure argon (for the TIG which i use a lot) i have a rental with air-products, expensive, but the money i earn with it offsets that..

the MIG uses argon/co2 mig and i get a small 5kg??? 6kg?? bottle from a local garage that rent them for £40 a go... once its empty either take it back and get another, or take it back and walk away, no contracts, no bottle rental...

Aleksandr 13-11-2011 06:50 PM

Nice work dude.

jools 13-11-2011 06:54 PM

Thanks for that, I know our local welding supplier does air products, just wanted to avoid rental as like you say can cost a lot. I will explore the other option you suggest.

vossy 14-11-2011 03:15 PM

Good work Jools, sounds like the doors to the attic was abit of a mission though:D

Deffinately time for the white/black theme now.

jools 15-11-2011 01:32 PM

I have been ringing round this morning to find a gas supplier, rent free! Sealey do a 1kg bottle for around £50.00+VAT and a £10.00+VAT refill charge, not ideal as it is pure co. A lot of companies are based further away from me so there is a carriage charge of around £10.00+VAT each way. I have found that South West Gas supplies via APD in glos will do a 10ltr bottle for £36+VAT, with a £55.00 surcharge, or a 20 ltr bottle for £48.00+ VAT and a £60.00 surcharge.

I am thinking about the south west gas as the most cost effective solution.

Need to get it sorted by next week as I hope to have a couple of days off next for garage work!

welshpug 15-11-2011 02:12 PM

A mobile mechanic friend of mine uses BOC, £50 rental and £50 odd per fill up, its a big bottle mind and usually lasts him about a year!

jools 15-11-2011 05:32 PM

Aye there are some deals out there if you look around, or you know people in the trade. I really want a supply that is very local, especially when you take into account fuel and time, it soon adds up as hidden extras. I reckon the South West Gas supplies seems to be the best for me, although I will still look around.

shenparbitch 15-11-2011 05:38 PM



jools 16-11-2011 04:15 AM

Thanks for the other links. There is no local dealer for adams gas,so a lot on postage, but there is a hobbyweld distributer in cheltenham, so I will give them a ring today.

dynofiend 16-11-2011 06:42 AM

So nice to read a blog about this car. Its always been the dark horse of the club, and one of the cars I always cite when asked about my favourite cars.

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