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blakeyrallye 25-03-2018 08:00 PM

Gravel sump guard kits
Now that i no longer have a rally car i have been sorting out things to sell in my workshop.

First up are two sump guard kits. I actually made three in total, they're made from 6mm duralumin and designed to fit to the front peugeot sport mounts but have designed my own rear mounts with a 12mm thread into a boss with a thread depth of 40mm rather than a blind captive nut like the PTS ones. The front cross member also has a boss with 12mm threads which was another weak point in the PTS one.

If you're going to be giving your sump guard a pounding then one of these guards is exactly what you need.

The front is designed to protrude past the radiator which protects it on slow speed bumps.

300 per kit, collected ideally.


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