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LeeThr 28-09-2017 08:02 PM

A few questions...
In the middle of trying to get my GTi shell sorted so it can be painted up and i can start putting her back together and actually think about driving it sometime. But I keep stalling with it, and progress hasn't been great of late.

Anyway trying to get some motivation to get on with it and work out everything I need, but there's a few questions I could do with some help with if anybody can :)

1) Sump guard... Has anybody got any pictures of how the rear mounts? Can find a fair few of the front, but the rear I just can't work out. Also any suggestions on materials to make up a fitting kit for both front and rear.

2) Fuel Tank gaurds, are the PTS/Replica one's just straight bolt on to the existing fittings? Or do they need anything additional welding on?

3) Holes in the floor... Whats best to do with them? Replace the plastic/rubber bungs or fill them in with welded blanking plates? And if so whats the best way to put them in and seal them up?

4) Moving the fuel filter, the standard location seems a bit vulnerable to me really. Was thinking of maybe mounting it on the bulkhead somewhere.

5) Replacing the battery with a racing dry cell/gel battery. Any recommendations and what size as well?
Also what gauge power cable should I be looking at to run the battery from inside the cabin.
Recommendations for cut off switch welcome as well.

6) Brake bias valves - What type? I've seen mixed opinions on the screw type and lever types. Any input on this welcomed :)

Everything I can think of for now, but im sure there's more questions that need to be asked.


jools 28-09-2017 08:42 PM

There should be info online for cup car build manual for the sump guard. Not got round to sorting the rear mounts on mine.

I use a Varley red top 15 battery for sprinting etc, as it fits behind the passenger seat. You may want larger for a rally car or if you have more switched on.

As for Brake bias valve, started with screw type, then my when my lad was about 3 fiddled with when helping prep the car and I lost the setting. Now I use an AP lever one it is easy to check the setting.

LeeThr 29-09-2017 04:52 PM

Cheers, The copy of it i've got and everyone i've found only seems to have info on the front mounts nothing detailed on the rear short of bolt it on.

I was looking previously at the 25's, and if your fine with just a 15 on a sprint, then the 25 should hold up more than fine for my needs and still fit behind the passenger seat.

I was leaning more towards the screw types, but you and a few others have given arguments that are making me go more towards the lever types now.

Dieseldave 29-09-2017 08:24 PM

Look at my Saxo build for pics of rear sump guard mounts and filling the holes in floor.

Id use a 25 battery.

Tank guard needs a few drop down brackets welded or bolted on to carry the rear of the guard.
have a look at my 106 build for a tank guard I made to cover Proflex and fuel filter (relocated)

I like the lever type bias valve as its easy see where it is set to.

LeeThr 29-09-2017 09:20 PM

Cheers Dave, with the blanks you put in the floor, did you leave them on tacks or did you fully weld around them i the end? Also did you put anything between the floor and the blanks to seal them?

Where the threaded mounts for the rear of the sump guard something you fab'd up or or off the shelf items?

And looks like i'll have to get a set of the tank guards ordered so I can measure up where the brackets are needed then.

Dieseldave 30-09-2017 08:48 PM

Tacked on 4 sides and sealed from the bottom with white Tiger Seal.

Rear mounts were 30mm round bar drilled and tapped M10. Due to the profile of my Kevlar sump guard
I only needed short mounts. If your using flat alloy sump guard they will need to be longer so use 30mm pipe
And blank the end with a captive nut welded to the inside.

LeeThr 09-10-2017 11:23 PM

Well Friday evening I sat in front of the pc and melted my bank card online shopping. Think i've got nearly everything ordered now to get it ready for paint. Went for the willwood lever type bias valve in the end as well.

Only things left to get ordered are materials to mount the engine sump guard, some battery cable once I work out what size I need, and clips for cable and the brake lines.

Also need to look at mounting options for the BE box and get the PAS pump sat in somewhere as well.

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