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MHR1294 12-10-2017 06:36 PM

3 plug dash wiring
I've looked literally everywhere and can't find anything now. used to be a thread by Deek on 106owners. was a thread on saxp too but Photobucket is being greedy these days sooo

Does anybody have the pinout for the yellow and black plug does the rear of a digital dash cluster?

Muchos gracias in advance

MHR1294 19-02-2018 05:43 PM

Okay so I had a day off today and I sat down and worked it out myself

Analogue Dash Plugs:

Yellow (B) (1 - 8)
White (C) (1 - 10)
Blue (D) (1 - 7)
Green (E) (1 - 9)

If you've got a brown plug, as far as I know, it doesn't do anything interesting ;) (Brown A5 is fuel filter and nobody needs that)

Digi dash plug with tails a few inches long so you can get normal spades on.

Black (0-18)
Yellow (0-24)

You need to join the following, the left hand side is the digital pinout (B is black, Y is yellow) and the right is the analogue (B,C,D,E):

B1 > B4 Oil Temp/Level
B2 > E4 Coolant Temp Signal
B3 > B8 Oil Temp/Level Signal (Think this is just for temp)
B5 > C10 Illumination Feed (????)
B6 > B1 Tachometer Signal
B8 > C8 Speedometer Signal
B9 > B3 Live from Fuse 6
B10 > B5 Oil Temp/Level
B11 > D6 Fuel Sender Signal
B13 > C5 ABS Light
B17 > C7 Illumination Feed (????)
B18 > C9 Illumination Earth (for background lights)

Y1 > E2 Coolant Temp Light
Y2 > E9 Rear Fog
Y3 > E3 Front Fog
Y4 > E8 Beam Headlights
Y5 > E7 Dipped Headlights
Y9 > C3 Illumination Earth (Warning Lights)
Y13 > C7 Live
Y14 > C1 LH Indicator
Y15 > C2 RH Indicator
Y17 > D4 Battery Warning Light
Y18 > D5 Feed from Fuse 2
Y19 > C4 Handbrake/Brake/Brake Fluid Level Warning Light
Y22 > E1 Oil Pressure Warning
Y24 > D1 Airbag

So I'm in a bit of confusion about the interior illumination as I've not powered anything up yet, I've only been looking at the circuit boards. I'll update this at a later date.

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