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Petros K 01-07-2004 05:37 PM

Please Read! For Sale Guidelines:
Normal forum rules apply, plus the following general guidelines:

1. Anything for sale allowed. (within reason and legal boundaries)

2. Do NOT clog up threads with personal comments. This is the "for sale" section. If you are not in the market, then STAY AWAY from these threads. Use the pm system instead.

3. Always make sure you COLLECT any advertised items and pay cash, especially if they are sold by non-members. You will NOT be provided with contact details of any members in case it all goes pear shaped, due to provisions in the Data Protection Act.

4. You MUST state a price! Make it ono, obo, no, anything you like. Just MAKE SURE a price appears on your post. This is NOT an auction site.

5. The Forum Owner/Moderators do NOT carry any responsibility for sales or purchases made in this section of the forum. You buy and sell at your OWN risk.

6. Private advertising allowed ONLY. No commercial advertising without our approval first!!!

Bean0 11-07-2011 01:45 PM

As an addition, do not under advertise for sale any pirated software.

Please see the following received from Autodata


I represent Autodata whose trademark is being infringed by your member <member name removed>
who has been offering counterfeit copies of the Autodata CD.

I would like you to remove his ad from your site and also agree to place a statement
from Autodata about copies of the Autodata CD being offered this way.

The facts are that the 2010 version he is offering does not exist except for genuine
licensed copies which requires registration with Autodata and the subjects being
listed on his ad will not represent what ever counterfeit copies he is offering.


Autodata Limited

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