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H1R4M 22-05-2018 09:06 PM

S1 Rallye Cherry Red 16v
After nearly 4 years of ownership I have decided to put my 106 rallye up for sale as it just doesn’t get used as much as it should. This has been a hard decision to make as I own both an S1 & S2 rallye and would like to keep both in my collection however one has to go.

Viewing is more than welcome and I will be happy to talk in depth about anything you need to know further about the vehicle. The car is sorned and off the road so I will not be able offer test drives although I will be able to demonstrate a cold start, warm up and show that the vehicle moves under its own power. It requires tidying up to make perfect but otherwise it is a usable car.

Price - 2000

I have listed some specs below and can email pics upon request.

• 16v TU5JP4 engine conversion (40k mile engine)
• Rear disc conversion
• 306 GTI front brake setup (283mm disc brakes)
• Full original interior
• S2 Rallye steel wheels
• Overall good condition for a 23 year old Peugeot.

Couple of bad points
The car is in overall good condition however I have listed the know bad points below:

• No MOT
• The car needs welding underneath in the usual areas
• The paintwork is crazed in places and the driver’s side sill has a dent

I will happily send pics via email and i can be contacted for further info on 07581 139724.






H1R4M 03-09-2018 09:06 AM

Update: The car has now been sold.

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