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M16N5 18-03-2017 01:07 PM

[SOLVED] Bottom Radiator pipe problem
Hey guys just a quick question.
A while back I had a problem with lower coolant pipe and it went to mechanic he had it fixed and now it's been couple of months and i had a problem with it again but this time i attempted to fix it myself.

I found that the bottom pipe had come off the radiator slightly so i pushed it back on all the way.

How it looked when it was leaking.

How it looked after i pushed it back on.

The thing i want to know is what could be causing this as it's now happened​ two times.

welshpug 18-03-2017 02:24 PM

hose clamps are probably shot, why are there two?!

M16N5 18-03-2017 04:26 PM

Ok and I'm not sure why there's two that's just how it was.

Harv 20-03-2017 09:17 AM

I would guess the hose has stretched slightly, it should be a pretty snug fit, so they've put 2 clamps on to try and stop it. I'd replace the clamps with new and see how you get on.

Cris B 20-03-2017 11:28 AM

Is there a pipe join in place? If there's a bit of tube in there that would explain the two pipe clips...

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