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A few questions...

In the middle of trying to get my GTi shell sorted so it can be painted up and i can start putting her back together and actually think about driving it sometime. But I keep stalling with it, and progress hasn't been great of late.

Anyway trying to get some motivation to get on with it and work out everything I need, but there's a few questions I could do with some help with if anybody can

1) Sump guard... Has anybody got any pictures of how the rear mounts? Can find a fair few of the front, but the rear I just can't work out. Also any suggestions on materials to make up a fitting kit for both front and rear.

2) Fuel Tank gaurds, are the PTS/Replica one's just straight bolt on to the existing fittings? Or do they need anything additional welding on?

3) Holes in the floor... Whats best to do with them? Replace the plastic/rubber bungs or fill them in with welded blanking plates? And if so whats the best way to put them in and seal them up?

4) Moving the fuel filter, the standard location seems a bit vulnerable to me really. Was thinking of maybe mounting it on the bulkhead somewhere.

5) Replacing the battery with a racing dry cell/gel battery. Any recommendations and what size as well?
Also what gauge power cable should I be looking at to run the battery from inside the cabin.
Recommendations for cut off switch welcome as well.

6) Brake bias valves - What type? I've seen mixed opinions on the screw type and lever types. Any input on this welcomed

Everything I can think of for now, but im sure there's more questions that need to be asked.

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