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Thanks for the offer Monka but my beam is a recent one by IMAxles (10k ago according to receipts) Which may account for why my bearing went in the first place perhaps?

The bearing looked new but was deffo shot and incidently theres no difference between abs and non abs bearings size wise Basically as Harv has said above, But i knew i was in trouble when I saw how the nut had beeen staked by someone just beating the crap out of it all the way round - I mean who wants to use that big ole slot in the stub anyway right?!?

Turns out the bearing was shot because the securing nut had been cross threaded all the way on - yes all the way! No doubt generating swarf which in turn fooked the bearing.... I'm Going to assume this happened at IMAxles with someone in a hurry and with a hefty impact driver, or an idiot...or both.

Oh Yeah and the threads on my stub are mullered, properly properly mullered FFS!
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