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Originally Posted by MHR1294 View Post
You'll need a "sport" shell. the 1.4 quikky has a different engine upper mount.

Any shell that takes a cast block as standard will have the same shell. 1.5D, VTR, XS, GTi etc

Personally I'd go for a 1.5D shell, and drill the body kit holes in the sills yourself, that way you can treat the holes properly so it won't rust from the inside out.
That's great advice thanks, if I was to get a 1.5D could I swap all my bits over onto it - I guess the only element it mightn't have would be the front anti roll bar?

Just found a 33,000 miles immaculate example up in Carlisle, would be a shame to rip something like that apart but if a decent shell could last me some years :-)
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