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Rallye and XSi cam specs

I've measured the inlet side of the cams, exhaust to follow. The 1.3 Rallye, 1.6 Rallye and 1.6 XSi all use the same cam, stamped "J" on the flywheel end. The 1.4 XSi uses a different cam, stamped "Z" on the flywheel end.
Headline specs:
"J" cam:
Peak lift 10.6mm
Duration at 0.1mm lift 270 degrees
Duration at 1.0mm lift 235 degrees

"Z" cam:
Peaklift 10.3mm
Duration at 0.1mm 270 degrees
Duration at 1.0mm 234 degrees

Here are the lift curves:

They are almost identical, peak velocity is about the same, but at the "J" cam has a slightly more aggressive opening slope, opening acceleration and marginally more lift, that's about it.

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