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I've been on the forum now for a few months so I thought it was about time I got a few pics of the S1 up. Having moved to Worcester about 7months ago I decided that I needed a new project to keep me entertained. I'd had 2 106 gti's in the past and have always been fond of them ever since. I decided to start a search for either a 106 gti or Rallye. I was also keen to find a car which had as much parts on it as possible as it would be used purely for motorsport, as I wanted to keep the initial build costs down. (I know how expensive parts can be having spent a fortune on my other stage rally car.) After a relatively short search I found a 1994 S1 Rallye in Cherry Red near York advertised on the 106 forum.

The spec of the car seemed pretty good and it looked ideal for what I wanted, with only a little money needed to be spent on it to get it just right. Here's the images from the advert:

Bringing it back from York

Not much work to do on it really except for tidying the wiring and a few extra goodies! ;o) So this will probably turn into a little progress blog!

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