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The Trophy is quite simply brilliant! I guess thats why EVO Magazine have called it the best hatch of all time. If you compare it to a FF 182 for performance it would be marginable if anything for straight speed. But I do think it would be a fair difference in the twisty bits, as the Trophy is the most focused Clio there's been. I'm sure head to head it would totally out shine the new cumbersome 200 even.

Like you said too 'would it be worth the extra 's over a FF 182 'Yes and No'. The differences in performance is very little however out of the box the Trophy is brilliant and is pretty much a road going track car. Most people (clio sport forum) end up spending a lot of money on their FF 182's suspension to get them to handle close to a Trophy. So really the cost issue isn't to disimilar in the end (depends on if you want to spend money on it).

I guess the plus side would be that a Trophy will and does hold it's value very well (future classic) only 500 ever built making it very rare. You also get the Recaro Trendlines, V6 spoiler, Speedline Turini wheels and of course the Sachs race suspension.

I guess at the end of the day it depends on what suits you. Although the Trophy has the above extras, it doesn't have the climate control, rain sensitive wipers/ speed controls and of course comfort of the FF 182.

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