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Originally Posted by curl666 View Post
The fuel gauge is temperamental on the 106's. There is a substance in the arm of the level sender which deteriorates over time. Causing the gauge to be inaccurate. If you search key words related to the fuel or fuel sender a member recently posted on how he replaced the substance in the arm and cured the fault.

The oil sensor on the front of the block, the cable running to this is often perished. Its usually a crimped connection on the sensor. Try giving the cable a wiggle you can usually feel its broken/snapped inside the insulation.
Fuel gauge: Thanks for the info mate, I'll have to pull the unit out and examine what the problem is.

Oil gauge: I wigled the switch cable and the oil gauge backing light flickered, but still no oil light. So I've ordered a new switch and I'll have a look at the cable too.

Still can't get the mileometer working though!
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