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Nice rallye Matthew. Loving the Trophy too! (i'd have one in a heartbeat if funds allowed (sadly they dont)

Originally Posted by trophy380 View Post
After having a look at the dash in particular the problems with the oil temp and fuel gauge. I finally got the fuel gauge moving as it seemed to be stuck in place however after a spin it seems the gauge moves from side to side depending on if you're going around a bend! which leads me to believe that there is a problem with the fuel sender. Has anyone else seen this happen?

I've also diagnosed that the oil switch is faulty so I've just ordered a new switch to fix that problem.

I taped the spindle on the speedo drive which has actually cured the fluctuation problem! )

The other problem is the mileometer that seems to be completely locked and doesn't change, anyone have any ideas on how to fix that?
Someone will correct me if am wrong, but the s1 has a seperate sender unit to fuel pump unlike the gti's which are all in one unit (not sure about the s2 rallye).
I replaced the sender unit in my old s1 a couple of years back and the genuine pug item cost 120 +vat ( sure they'll be more now).

Regarding the speedo, the fluctuation on mine was a dodgy speed sensor on top of the gearbox, bought a cheap brand new one from ebay and that was goosed after a few days. A genuine pug one is 130 from 106parts.
Benji on here fixed mine by fitting gti clocks which are identical and gti speed sensor ( much more reliable as electronic instead of mechanical/electronic). The only difference being i don't have side light illumination on dash now, but dont have the expense of the s1 speed sensor.

Hope this helps, Phil.
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