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Fitting a 1.3 rallye engine and gearbox into a 1.4 AX GT mono point injection.

I am thinking of fitting my spare 1.3 rallye engine with 1.3 inlet and gearbox into my AX 1.4 GT, which has only 75HP with mono point injection.
Apart from wiring, this wouldn't be a difficult modification I think.

And with 100HP and only 720KG's even faster and more fun than a S1 rallye

I need to use the 1.3 ECU and use the 1.3 wiring loom obviously which I have both spare too. Just not sure about other wiring like to dash board meters etc. Has anyone done this swap before?

Are the engine and gearbox mounting points the same?

I suggest I would swap to the wishbones and ARB from a 106 GTI or rallye and upgrade the front dampers and springs and dampers at the rear at the same time?


some pics of the car that I just bought.

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