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Well as soon as I manage to get round to subscribing to an alternative to Photobucket, these posts will continue to have no photos..... nice one Photobucket!

Anyway, efforts this Autumn have been spent on a suspension and brake refresh on the Passat - to ease the pressure I took it off the road for two months to do the work... this has meant the 106 has had even less attention; well sort of. I accidently did a buy it now on ebay for some +1" arches. I have had them in my watched items for a couple of years and thought why not. they are ok for the price paid, but do need a bit of work to get to fit nicely. I may decide to fit them, but then again may not.

I have also got a negative Camber kit from Salvesta, decided to go for a 15mm kit, 1.2 degrees of negative camber, bigger fixing bolt and using 406 rear hubs. Started to fit this which is relatively easy.

The plan is still to compete this year so need to concentrate the next couple of months on prep, including a good service and much needed cam belt change as it is 6 years old and done at least 500 miles

Once thing which was nice to see is the body work still remains in good condition despite being nearly 20 years, but much of that is due do being in the garage.

Hope to update a bit more this year.
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