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User Gallery
1. Simon182, Wymondham, 2x S1 Rallyes and a Quiksilver.
2. Aleksandr (Pete), Ipswich, S2 Rallye
3. shenparbitch.. Stu.. The birds clio and the rattlebox (more a pile bits rather a car though)
4. quin, Debenham - nr Ipswich, s1 rallye
5. Stu_D, Cambridge and Ipswich, S1 Rallye that has only had two wheels and no engine for the last 18 months.
6. s1 dave halesworth s1 bianca 16v
7. sean burr yoxford s1 bianca 8v
8. rob page halesworth s1 cerry 16v turbo
9. HuntyS1 (Brad) Burgate nr Diss S1 Rallye Bianca white
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