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That's how the bearings are done on the C2 and they have a spherical top mount so I decided to use them also.

Steel for the steering arm? Just standard 2mm Mild steel, plenty strong enough when boxed in.

Another thing that was always in the back of my mind during events was the shafts/CV joints.

If was common in the early days of the C2 R2 that they would brake the outer joint where it
tapers down and Citroen upgraded these on the R2 Max and offered it as an upgrade for the R2.

I sourced some Max shafts and below you can see the difference.

Max on the left

Max on Bottom

And to make it work, new C2 R2 Max uprights, flanges and bearings from Cit Sport

Note the hub center has a bigger flange on it to allow spacers to be run.

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