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Just for the benefit of anyone thinking of hooking something up to try this, I've literally just done it.

It is the WHITE lead to the plug which you need to connect, via your switch, to earth.

Given my propensity to muck things up, I went out and bought a flasher switch (push-to-make, sprung off). You need three bits of wire to make it removable.

The first one need only be about 3-4 inches long, if that. Use a scotch lock to clip one end to the white wire near the plug (you may need to cut away a little of the sheathing) and put a suitable shielded connector on the other (I used a female spade connector with a cover). This wire can remain in the engine bay until next time you want to check the ECU.

The next wire you put a spade on the end of, and run it to the switch. It needs to run to the driver's seat.

The final wire runs from the switch to the battery negative. I bought a suitable crocodile clip from Halfords and attached it to the end so it can clip onto the battery.

To run it, connect the two wires up, one to the ECU plug trailing lead and the other onto the battery (I suspect any earth would do?) and sit in the driver's seat to do the test.

I am wondering whether it might be useful to actually wire this circuit in permanently, to a little push button hidden under the dash somewhere...
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