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All out

I wanted to took all on dry cleaning but here on island I had nowhere to do that
But I did clean all with a sponge and other things.Did refresh it but sadly I couldnt clean my carpet as I wanted to, that stain is still there.

Till now only bucket seat is back in car with harnesses to try.Wonder how much does it weights now

They are attached to rear passengers belt, not the best solution but I dont wont any hole on
car...Still have to adjust them properly

I need some steering wheels spacers to make wheel 1" closer to me or deeper new wheel.Also wish I have lower seat base

I have some problem with engine.It is only happening when engine is cold,in first 5min maybe.Between 3000-4000rpm it starts to cough,like as it has no air.
This all started after I (not me personaly) changed top radiator hose
Octobar is time for servis...will change few things then
For now I bought Bilstein B4 and C5 steelies,still need to paint them.
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