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C5 steelies are done.
I hand brushed them and gave it to my friend for painting,they turned out pretty nice.

On car they look a bit to big with 195/50 15 tires on.I do have a bit of scrub on full lock but nothing to worry about.

Curently tires are on 1.9bar (recommended hot pressure is between 1.8-2.2) will lower them but will see how much will they heat on road for now.
Sadly I bought road version of them,they didnt had track one.As I was told the grip is same, the difference is in heating.Road needs 2-3 laps to heat while track one are good after a lap but they start to lose grip/fade sooner.Its not want I wanted as I will try to race next month (3 stints on track with chichane) just for experience.

I also cleaned my steelies from inside,belive they havent be cleaned ever.Will return them on car in day or two just to test new tires a bit more

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