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Small update, car is with mechanic for last 20 days, it got a bit complicated offcourse...

New head gasket was oredered from Peugeot Sport in France as no one had one to sell,so it came after long 15 days.

The old one has blown:

Mechanic completed engine few days ago, he changed that gasket,refurbished head, changed cambelt, new spark plugs and complete filter and oils was changed.
Again went with Fuchs Pro S 10w-50

Engine started from first try

Few more engine pics:

Curently, next problem is steering rack.I ordered one as they tought this is the same as every other 106 rack...but Rallye is special little car in every way
Still in search for right rack but no luck yet, maybe we just refurbished them somewhere


Becouse of all whaiting I had to remove my license plate as my mot expired
But it should be on road soon,I hope in max 10 days am going to get him.

And pics I found from last track day

I should really get that front bumper done, its itchying my eyes
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