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Hello, Sam.

There's a 185/60R14 in Michelin CrossClimate. The overall diameter is 554mm compared to the standard tyre's 542mm. So there should be no problem with clearance.

I've been running CrossClimates on my daily-drive Passat for 18 months. Great grip in all conditions.

Alternatively, the Vredestein Snowtrac is available in 175/65R14. The overall diameter of this one is 559mm. Again, I don't think clearance will be an issue. I've got a set of these on my MG Midget. This car is light and, frankly, overpowered, but the Snowtracs have been able to tame the madness when the roads are slippery.

Why am I on this board? I bought an S2 new back in 1998 and sold it when I needed to buy something 'sensible', I've regretted the sale ever since. The S2 is one of my favourite road cars. So I'm back stalking the boards and maybe looking to get another.

I also run Vintage Tyres in Beaulieu. We've got tyres for all ages of classics (including Rallyes, of course). But I'm sure any further advertising will have me banished from the forum.

But if I can be of any help with tyre-related issues, feel free to get in touch.


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