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Our new GSXR inlet manifolds

Me and Colin were asked a few months ago (or was it years?), to make versions of my TU inlet designs for GSXR 1000 bodies onto both the 8v and 16v. I admit to not previously being that impressed by bike bodies, because of the fitting issues. But the more we looked into it, it became clear that a fresh approach could solve most of the limitations of fitting bike TBs and take advantage of the low cost and (generally excellent) quality of most bike TBs.
The main one is to get a tract shape that I'm happy with and Colin sorted out a flange design for the outer end of the manifold that does away with the traditional hose connections for the bodies, in favour of a solid flange. There are numerous advantages to this, but the main one I was interested in, was getting the best tract shape possible. I'm satisfied now that it's as good as any set up can be, DTH or otherwise!
The next big issue is throttle control. I've seen alot of people writing about the plate angle, but I don't think that's the issue, it's more about the quadrant design. So I badgered Colin into making bespoke quadrants to solve this.
Trumpets (other than the bike ones) are notoriously difficult to fit properly. Colin's making some modular trumpets that will not only fit perfectly, but also allow me to tune the tract length quite easily, which is in my experience, highly effective in getting the best results, not just in terms of power, but driveability and side effects.
The fuel rail is still being resolved, the intention being to retain the GSXR rail and make it suitable for bosch/weber injectors for maximum versatility.
The end result will be a package rather than just a manifold. The idea being that Colin will assemble the kit with the supplied TBs and make it ready to fit.

Here are the pics of the trial fit on our fabulous S1:
8 Valve for the hardcore....

16 Valve for the others.....
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