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1,3 Head tu5jp4 block 645 cams.


befor my question I m shiiv i m 26 from portugal i drive/have a 1.3 rallye ,a 1.3 xsi (portuguease xsi 1.3 its the same tu2j2 alloy engine from rallye s1 with xsi extras) a 1.5 xad (currently in restore fase) and a 1.6 16v engine and shell moded rallye s1.

My question goes to my 1.3 tu2j2 xsi. i m currently changing the block to a tu5jp4 from a c2 vts , and i want to use the 1.3 head (A 2j2) with 645 cams.but:

Anyone as does this? what valve clearence do i have in std? if anyone as done this how much and where i need to chop on the piston head if the clearence is minimal?

i havent done the clay method . just wanting some info beforhand.

ps: english aint my first/main language, dont mind a few mistakes here and ther

ps2: 106 parts aint a problem here in portugal, and since we have 1.3 xsi's there are alot of heads/13x59G.b blocks etc for cheap here. so i dont mind try and error till i got it but i dont want to damage a brand new camshaft with a bended valve :S
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