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Brakes nightmare

Okay here goes - I've been battling with trying to sort out the crap brakes on my 106. FYI it is the 3 stud axle so ATE calipers rather than bendix.

Symptoms: spongy brakes with almost no bite. They will slow the car down (and seem to work better at speed) but a lot of force is needed on the pedal, and slowing to a complete stop at a junction is rubbish as they just don't bite. Brakes failed MOT due to front brakes imbalanced, service brake lagging in operation, parking brake inoperative on one side, brake efficiency below levels.

After reading up on the many posts regarding 106 brake problems, I've so far attempted the following:

- brand new drums, shoes and cylinders on the rear.
- brand new pads and discs in the front.
- checked front callipers - one was a bit seized but managed to free it up. Callipers seem to slide freely.
- brand new master cylinder
- replaced brake servo and check valve
- replaced and bled brake fluid several times.
- have checked the adjuster bar for free play - had a go at tightening but quickly discovered it was causing the brakes to bind so had to slacken off again.

None of this has really made any noticeable difference. Obviously the handbrake is now working properly, but the overall performance is still as bad as ever.

Any ideas of what to look at next?
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