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right havent had an update for a while....

had another assault on the engine yesterday, trying to get as much done as poss ready for the re-map on monday!

basically as you may have seen i was running some bodged on cone filter after my s1 inlet conversion, now i hat cone filters as it is and this one was just the tip of the ice burg so i sourced a s1 rallye airbox system and proceeded to try and fit that, only to discover that the dipstick on the s2 engine gets right in the way, so out came the airsaw mwa ha ha ha!

any way cutting a long story short i now have it in there and fitted, it runs so much nicer with that back on, and leaves you to just here the pleasent sound of the inlet!

few cable ties at the minute but it was justa tempory fix yesterday. today ive got some jubilees and brackets to go in various places, also got some extensive cleaning to be done as everythings filfthy lol

more to come over the weekend and next week after the re-map and a visit to 106parts headquarters!
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