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well i made it back in one piece!

Cage install took a little longer than expected as it required some extra convincing in the fitting department! But by all accounts seems like a smashing little cage, id go as far as to say i think its made a massive difference in the handling of the car couple with the relatively stiff grp N suspension set up. Everything feels really well balanced and tight!!! i like em' tight

Big thanks to martin for all the graft fitting it, did a smashing job as he always does on the car and even squeezed in the mot and tracking ontop of a very long day, so beer for that man!

drive home was eventfull, got 5 miles down the road in the rain and soon regretted losing the heater control stalks as i was in need of some dash orientated hot air to un steam the windows, but in tru rallye owner style i pulled over a fashion one out of a broken cd ;-)

She got a top up of Vmax and off we went, the weathers not great here but i went for a quick blast down the lanes and after 7 years the smile factors still there!

Il get some pics up on friday of the welding and the cage, got lots of tidying up to do and a few leaks to investigate, so that'l give me something to tinker with over the weekend!

i love my forever and ever baby

EDIT:Forgot i took a couple of exterior pics just before the mot! i think the cage looks pretty good yellow :-)

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