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So I've not updated this topic since the beginnin, but I got rid of one of the Rallye's maybe 2 years ago now and the other has been off the road a similar time due to an overhaul.

It's sat in our barn alongside my dad's TVR Cerbera, MGF & MR2 and my brothers Uno Turbo so it's in good company ☺ . Its been fairly neglected as I've uncovered lots of bad repairs to the boot and underside which is a bit beyond my skillet to fix, so I have to rely on my dad's expertise and time (the latter being very tricky to get). Today I finally got my second (first was done a few months back) inner wing panel welded into place, which means there's lots of strength back in the front end to almost get it onto a rolling spit which I luckily bought off a member local who made it for his 106. We have 2 ramps and literally every other thing we need which is all personal equipment which has made life very easy.

I shall upload pictures shortly from my phone. I've written this on a tablet so opoliges for any errors as I'mentioned a desktop guy

Parts gathering up in much bedroom. Satchell GSXR bodies are also in the barn

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