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What is it with Peugeots?

As title says....
Seems to me that FCS is then end of the month....Harpers cars squeeking like the beds in a brothell John_Jedi's car is getting nakied and mine seems to be falling to bits!

Iv known for a wile that my Right lower engien mount, (same as the 106 one but on the engine instead of the gear box-for those who dont know I have a 205) So I got my self a nice Group-N jobbie off e-bay. Sorted So I thort.... well I'd planned to sort it THIS weekend...
THe engine started knocking worse then normal on the way home Monday night..."oohh bugger its gone already" So got home popped her on the drive...
Allbe it on the way home tugging quite nastily to the left <-not a good sign!
She got me home was the main thing...So opened the bonnet and found the remains of a CV joints innards over the back of my offside brake. Doh
Ordered up a new shaft (44 mwahaha) So I picked it up today. Cars on stands.
Wile I was down there found that my hub carrier bolt had sheered off!!! That I HAVE to take the hole mount off the back of the engine to get the old mount OUT and new one IN. Whats more to do that I need to remove the OTHER drive shaft to take it off.
To top it off I have a crack in my rad
I think I'll go to cry now.
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