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Well, I have bought a new daily/ tow barge, almost scratched the quattro itch by buying the quattro running gear from an Audi A6 which happens to be attached to the rear of a 2004 VW Passat 1.9 tdi Sport 4 Motion (almost as rare a car as the Rallye!). 78k with two owners and an almost full service history, with a bonus of a Westfaila removable tow bar. Need to do a few tidying jobs as you would expect with a 10+ year old car with a few pieces of trim etc, and undertake some preventative maintenance. Still coming to terms with the knock in fuel economy which is down about 10-15% down on my previous Passat tdi 130, but still achieved 46 mpg when on a longer run last weekend. May have to use my Wife's car for commuting to work!

As a result I have rather spent out on car money and have done little more than clean the outside of the 106 before putting back to bed.
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