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M25 JDU and M26 JDU both White and both probably known to you.
N562 DFR Red possibly not previously known?
[B]Harrow Rallye Sanctuarye (Formerly also the XND Centre of Excellence)
[COLOR="White"]JDU[/COLOR][/B] - Progressing slowly in the secret restoration lair
[B]BBB[/B] - Head Gasket kit purchased; to fit (hopefully curing the misfire) before MoT
[B][COLOR="Red"]YKP[/COLOR][/B] - Taxed, Tested and Burning Oil
[B][COLOR="Blue"]MYM[/COLOR][/B] - Rallye Bus: In traffic
[B][COLOR="Red"]DFR[/COLOR][/B] - RIP, Rallye Bobsled, whose body was stolen... [B][COLOR="White"]XTL[/COLOR][/B] - [URL=""]Please Pray for the Dervinator's Soul.[/URL]
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