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Been busy with the wee beast lately! First off, noticed how poor the pictures I uploaded last time were... Turns out the oleophobic coating scratches really easily on my phone camera, the fix.. scratch it all off :/

Anyways, enlisted the help of my dad and his engine crane to stick the engine and gearbox in:

Got the new gearbox seals in and out the driveshafts back in. Filled up with fresh box oil, some uprated gear linkages, clutch cable back on and the box is ready for action!

Painted up the sump with epoxymastic, got an oil sandwich plate and my dad's old golf oil pressure sensor as it was m10 so fitted straight in, New oil filter and fresh oil and the engine is good

Went to fit my exhaust manifold and found that the flywheel protection plate had a massive boss in the way... A bit annoying as this was brand new, but lopped off the boss and slapped a quick coat of paint on it for now... Eventually I will get a decent aftermarket manifold so I might get it powdercoated then!

Finally painted up my brake servo... Messed it up a little as this was meant to be satin black I borrowed off a friend... Apparently the satin part sinks to the bottom and I didn't stir enough so it's gloss, but never mind... It's better than rust:

And fitted!

Also got a throttle cable kit and fitted that:

So now all 3 pedals work along with the gearlever so I can at least pretend to drive it

With the servo in I could fit the fusebox and start on the electrics. The headlight loom had frayed previously where it had been rubbing on the fan, and in my younger days I just taped it all up to prevent it shorting... Now was the time to fix it properly... Old chopped out bits:

Nicely replaced with good wire, soldered and heatsink:

Taped it up and put it in New conduit. The washer pump connectors were also buggered and one was missing so I replaced then with new jpt connectors! The drivers side indicator mini loom was a bit shit too, and then a connector fell off, so while I was down the scrappy I found another one from an ax... Slightly different wire lengths but fits fine:

Finally, New alternator belt, and spaced out the alternator 12mm with 3mm washers:

I've already compared the pinouts for the gti loom vs my original and its basically the same... One earth from the body loom to the gearbox is missing, I need to wire in a fuel pump, and there are no provisions in the body loom for some of the sensors and warning lights but nvm... Figured I would just plug it in as is and see what happens! Also got a new battery as the old one was bulging a bit , and welded up a broken stud on the relayy box bracket... Will be powdercoated later:

The c2 vts top hose fitted perfectly, and I cut the bottom hose to fit the rad with a new rad cap:

Stuck a slimline fan on the front... Just cable tied for now... Will fab up some brackets at a later date:

Got a standard gti airbox and pipework and fitted it... Got a mounting bracket on the way and piped up the breather hoses... Will stick some jubilee clips on in time:

That's all so far... Almost there! Connected up the battery, most of the electronics work, the fuel relay clicks, the icv whirs, the oil pressure and battery lights on the dash work, and the engine turns over on the starter motor, gets oil pressure and the light goes out just got to do the fuel lines and pump before I get the edu unlocked and try it out for real!!!! How it looks today:

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