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Interior Modifications Bucket seats, steering wheels, gear gaitors

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Interior Handle

Since I bought my car back in September 2012 the interior handle needs to be pulled as if you're going to break it.

The guy I bought it from just said it needs adjusting, but I've had the card off once and can't see how it can be adjusted except for bending the metal rod?
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There isnt a way of adjusting it as far as I know! Only if the rod has broken and its been bodged with a chocolate block or something similar!

I would take the rod, handle and lock mechanism (the mechanism is a bit of an arse tbh) out of the door and give it a good check over, see if anything looks amiss, or excessivley worn! I have a non central locking machanism set lying around my parents house, and some rods if you do get stuck!
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