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Rallye S1 MA5 20CB90 problem

Hello guys,
Im Robert from Romania and I own a 1993 106 Rallye S1 with 123000km on the clock. I bought the car quite cheap few months ago and I need to fix a few things. Apart from some idle problems the main would be the gearbox which started jumping out of second gear when turning left without stepping on the gas. I adapted quite fast to that left foot braking on corers, wich seemed to work. I knew Its not a fix but it worked for a while. I really taught its an engine mount problem... After a while it started jumping out of second no matter what and it wont stay in gear even if I hold the gear lever with my hand.
So I opened the box with a friend and started looking for the problem. As suspected second gear looks quite bad so the only thing I can think about its to find another box and swap the internals. I really want to keep the car as original as possible so swapping to a different gearbox wouldn't be an option.

Its very difficult to find a 20cb90 gearbox around here so I am wondering if someone around here knows which gearboxes I could find to be able to swap second gear from. Second gear ratio and teeth needs to be 1.95 20x39.
Quite easy to find a gearbox from 1.1, 1.4 [ not xsi ] but I dont know anything about the ratios on those ones and if they would fit in my box.

I really hope to find an answer around here and Im really excited to find such a big comunity of Rallye owners.

Cheers !
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