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Jool's s2 Rallye


Due to a few requests I am posting up a few pictures of the Rallye from over the years. I am happy to ask questions, but not really one for 'blogging' every time something new occurs, mainly as I never seem to have the time.

Brief history. Bought the Rallye at the end of 2003, with the plan to build it into a comp car; previously I had been working on a 106 XSi, but this Rallye came up on this forum for £1500. Two days later I had bought it. Work was very slow to start with as I had virtually no mechanical experience, little idea of the spec, and not even any where to store it. One thing that did inspire me all the way were these Jenvey DCOE throttle bodies I bought (zetec manifold?), I was planning back in the day to have one of the first TB'd s2 Rallyes

I hade a few things I had brought from other projects, namely a set of lovely hi-spec four pots and this lovely alloy rad.

I was inspired to build a comp car buy a guy at work who sprinted triumph’s in the 1980’s, and this inspired me to have ago myself. Having always been a fan of the mag CCC I always admired the detail of many rally cars and wanted a rally car inspired build, I had a wee idea that one day it may go Rallying, so much of the parts I used were Pug sport grp N and A, which lead to the first big spend, Safety Devices pug sport cup cage and Motordrive buckets. I was arse raped by the company who fitted this lot, but that a sore point. Most of the photos of work I did in the first two years is lost but mainly was tidying up, interior painting etc.

I moved onto engine bits in 2006 when I was offered a garage to use for free, with the car was secure and a recent promotion I could start spending money on bits

A conversation with a French company got me thinking about trying to replicate some of the features of the 106 kit car engine, namely TB’s , 170 bhp 8v engine. For a year I went down several blind alleys and at one point I almost bought some unfinished castings of the very very rare direct to head TB’s used on the kit car, but directions changed tack when I spoke to Sandy Brown and I saw the light, and went down the route of singles on one of his and Colin Satchell’s manifolds.

With the engine built the car was mapped by a localish company based a little further south and it reputed to make 135 bhp with standard engine on TB’s, my arse; it was not road legal so after a few private test miles at work (with my boss in the car to save awkward questions), it seemed to run ok, I later discovered on a track day that it ran was massively under powered, and was been beaten by another s2 Rallye on the day that had single TB and the same amount of power.

The new engine mapping had left me with no working dash instruments so I decided to build my own dash using gauges from SPA, these are fantastic and very trick, and I could now see what speed I was doing.

After the mapping of the car the big exciting thing was I had bought a garage with two bed semi attached, the Rallye was coming home.

One quick fix was to fit a s1 box which showed a lot of improvement, thank you very much Leo, I also found I had fuel serge problem to installed a second pump (the in tank one served as a lift pump), and a swirl pot

In 2008 I decided I needed a new engine. Sandy Brown was my first and only port of call and we quickly hatched a plan that would see the cars power escalate to a level that certainly exceeded my expectations. I would have been happy with 150 bhp, and my secret hope was to break the 100bhp/litre,and make around 160 bhp.

With the engine out over the winter of 2008/2009 I had a deadline to meet, getting married April 2009, so as my wife planned our wedding I stripped the front end of the car for a complete tidy up, seam weld, and few custom parts and a respray (all completed in a single garage with the car still on the trailer it is stored on.

With the car back together I made my way to Mark Shillaber’s workshop in Cornwall where Sandy would work his magic. Incidentally the head was originally worked my Mark Shellibier and later reworked by sandy to match my TB manifold, more strangely it came from Leo’s car, first the gearbox and now this I am slowly acquiring leo’s car.

It was one of the hottest days of the year and if any one has been to Marks rolling road will know the doors have to be closed down for high speed runs due to the noise, mapping is a stressful business for the customer, god knows what it is like for Sandy. With the mapping done it came to about 165 bhp or thereabout so I was very happy, phoning up the guy at work who first inspired me to do the project with the news.

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