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Scotland Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen

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Thumbs up 2010 event Attendance

Alright folks, I'm starting to plan what events I'm going to attend this year. All the meets are up in this thread.

Wales Winter Warmer (NW) (If the car is finished)
PPC in the Park (1st May)
Yorkshire Dales Drive (NW)
Pugfest (3rd & 4th July)
Oulton Park Gold Cup (NW)
Rally Day (10 years of Rally Day) (18th September)

Bearing in mind distances to travel, and I'll be doing most of the TrackScotland trackdays I'm not going to everything there, but thats the ones I'm considering. Obviously Rally Day is at the other end of the country, and could be dismissed as its bastard far away! But I'd like to attend atleast 2 of the above.

Anyone else up for a bit of a road trip?

PS - Planning a weekend over on the West Coast in the summer to do Applecross pass
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