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Old 23-02-2013, 05:13 PM   #1
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Nicks Indigo Blue S2 Rallye Progress thread

Hi my names Nick. I have owned my s2 rallye for 10 months now and decided to start a progress thread as im keen to prepare it for fast road and track use.

I have done a few small things since buying the car which i got with 85k miles on the clock

Genuine 1.6 8 Valve with 4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold & 3" Inward Rolled Pug Sport System & K&N Panel Filter

Front lowering springs & rear torsion bar adjusted to suit, OMP upper and lower front strut braces.

Wheels / Tyres / Braking
Freshly refurbished Rallye Steels wrapped in Toyo Proxies.
Mintex fast road pads front and rear.

Here are a few pictures of the car to date. Hope you like.

Future Plans / Modifications
New suspension set up
GTI 16 Valve Engine
Track Prep - Roll Cage / Bucket Seats / Harnesses

Please feel free to comment and give me advice as im new to the french hot hatch / car scene

Thanks in advance

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Old 24-02-2013, 01:17 PM   #2
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Here are a couple of videos for you to enjoy

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Old 20-03-2013, 05:15 PM   #3
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Hi mate .
I've just started a new 16v conversion on my first white s1 will be following this to pick up some tips as I've never done anything like this before.
Hope it all goes smoothly
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Old 20-03-2013, 06:20 PM   #4

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Very nice car buddy!! Best colour for a s2 i think!

I wouldn't bother doing a gti conversion all j4 engines are shaaaged these days & go for peanuts! you could get yourself a j4 for parts and get a low mileage tu5jp4 engine (206, 307 1.6 16v engine's) cheapish and then convert it.

cost about 400 in total but you'll get a low mileage 16v, is a bit of a pain to convert the jp4 but u only have to change valve springs, cams, inlet & drill new holes for studs and change over the oil filter set-up from a j4 block.

It's what i have done, in a saxo but the theory's still the same mate, check my blog if u want pic's etc there will be a lot more on there about the conversion in the next few days. I'm hoping for 130-140bhp, fready666 on here got over 150hp with the same set-up! So compared to a gti block you would have a much better & newer base to start with and bigger inlet valves. You'd need a gti loom+ecu too so if u do that you'll be better off buying a gti block etc for parts.

Or u could ignore that and mod the rallye block as it should have a good bit of life in it yet! Especially if it's had regular services.

What car's have u had before mate?? Small french hatchbacks are the way forward if u ask me!

Good luck with it mate!

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