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106 XSI 1.4 has no power and very low rpm in idle

Hi guys,

I own a 1995 106 xsi 1.4 8v and i have very low engine power and low rpms (rpm is around 500 - 800) in free and 1st gear around 900 - 1000 ,almost feels like its going to stall, also driving on 4th gear and 3rd gear the rpms do not go up a lot around 2000 -3000 and going up a hill to shifting down to 2nd gear or 3rd its feels as if though its dragging a huge trailer behind it which it is not. i do need a new exhaust as it has a small hole due to age

just wondering what the rpm should be when its on idle and first gear and if there is any way to get back the engine power


good week all !
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TPS Maybe?

My S1 Rallye idles at 1000rpm

Does the car rev freely with no load on it?
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