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Parts for Sale Look here for parts for sale by forum users....usually a few bargains!

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Parts Clearout; Performance & Replacement Parts (266mm, Bilstein B8's, Bias Setup...)

Lots of parts for sale. Prices donít include postage, after selling things on forums many times before Iíve found including postage can backfire if foreign buyers become interested or be too high in other cases, so upon serious enquiries accurate prices can be sorted out.

All prices are open to reasonable offers.

The car looked like this;

Unlocked Single Plug ECU


RaidHP Aluminium Upper Strut Brace;

Will fit all models but designed to fit 16v's perfectly, these are pretty rare and itís extremely lightweight whilst offering excellent rigidity. Itís also adjustable, and is intended for performance purposes rather than show.


OMP Lower Strut Brace;

A bit battered frankly! Slipped off the car no problem but the offside mounting point is a bit warped. Canít guarantee it will fit again but even if it doesnít it should do with a bit of persuasion.


Nissens Aluminium Radiator and Slimline Fan;

The radiators done 25k and the fan around 5, both have been utterly reliable in keeping the operating temps perfect in all conditions. The fan needs a new fitting kit to hold it on, only £2-3 on eBay. The fins are in great condition, the few slightly bent on the rear face will be rectified before sale. The black marks are just dirt, the unit will last for years and years. This setup would cost over £115 new.


Supersprint Aluminised Steel Straight Through Centre Section;

Great condition, comes with poly centre hanger.


Sportex 3" Outrolled Backbox;

Perfect look and sound from this in my opinion, very raspy but with some midrange roar too. Sounded far more like a rally car than any peashooter Iíve heard. Tailpipe is in good condition, no areas showing signs of rust getting through. £110 new. Will come with two poly sport mounts.


Wilwood Screw Type Bias Valve and Copper Brake Lines and Pieces for and Internal Setup;

The Wilwood Valve comes with the required fittings which they donít come with out of the box, had to get them from Rally Design for about £8, as well as copper lines which consist of a section from the MC to the valve (to be positioned between the two front seats), a section leading from that to a T piece to mount at the back of the rear bench, and the two sections to lead down to the hoses mounted on the axle. All pipes are flared with unions one the lines. All thatís needed to complete the set is a bolt to block on port on the MC, this can be provided if desired. Iíll even chuck in the little P clips I was going to use to mount the lines.


MK2 Saxo Smoked Headlights;

DIY job on these, but frankly they look perfect and theyíre proper PSA units not cheap aftermarket ones. They also have the indicator lenses removed which I thought looked better, the indicators are still highly visible and the car passed MOTís for years with them fitted. One has a snapped top bracket, all others are intact and Iíll repair the broken one upon sale as the snaps clean but jagged enough to do so properly with decent adhesive. Will come with the adjustment motors.


Official Dimma Grille;

An official Dimma Grille, sprayed in Quartz Silver with a matt black grille. The silver case could do with a respray as itís got a fair few stone chips and a 30mm scratch but it looks fine until you get up close. The grille mesh has a subtle cutout rather than the metal rimmed style ones on the copies.


PAS Pump X2

One in perfect working order, no whines. One needs rebushing.

£40/£offers for the one that needs rebushing

MK2 Saxo VT Spoiler in Black;

Rattlecan job so lacking a sheen, but otherwise the paints in good condition with two small scratches.


VTS Single Plug era Alternator;

G.W.O. Please note this isnít the same unit as the one in the engine picture at the top; that one was a custom ordered one that had a manufacturing fault and promptly destroyed itself.


Blacktop Alternator Bracketry;

The most simple and efficient bracketry for the sport TU engines, removes the need for the useless adjustment pulley on 16v engines. Genuinely useful mod for weight/inertia/nothavingtodealwithcrappulleyswhentinkering.


MK2 VTR/Furio Dials;

Showing around 110k, perfect working order.


16v Coolant Hoses;

The four engine bay coolant hoses; Rad<>Thermostat without cooler outlets, Block<>Rad (Cut VTR unit), Thermostat Housing <> Heater Matrix, Heater Matrix <> Engine cradle.


Hydraulic Tappets

Large amount of lifters, been dry stored in SemiSynth oil. £16 each and do fail on the 16vís, wonít want much for a number of them should anyone need them.

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