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Buying a Rallye in Portugal

Hi all

First post :-)

So I've recently moved to central Portugal, incredible mix of roads with a lot of mountain roads and hardly any cars, although surfaces vary from brilliant to terrible and some quite steep inclines obviously. I'll also be travelling on highways/motorways but mostly for short periods. I'm looking at getting a 106 rallye mk1 or 2, possibly a 106 gti, condition is more important. Cars are much more expensive here though which is a bummer.

Firstly more out of curiosity there are quite a few 106 Rallye's and GTI's here for sale considering there are hardly any other 90's hot hatches including the 306 gti which would have been my preference. So it looks like Portugal had more than their fair share imported. The rallye's appear to be the same specs as the mk1/mk2 in the UK, presume omissions were the same.

I haven't actually driven one yet, partly because I'm after an unmodified one which is not easy.

As much as the rallye appeals for it's raw full on experience I won't be driving like that all the time and wondered are they noisy and harsh all the time even at more moderate speeds and on highways? Will I need to rev the pants off it on moderately steeper inclines if I need to get some momentum? What is a comfortable speed on highways/motorways. People drive fast here :-)

I realise I just need to have a decent drive in one to know for myself....my excitement is just getting the best of me at the moment.

I am tempted to get a 106 gti instead if I find a nice one but I know the rallye would be a more rawer fun experience more of the time.

Cheers for your responses
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