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Gearbox Syncro Hub Help

Hi I have a crunch going into 3rd gear, the syncro rings look fine however the syncro hub for 3rd gear looks worn. What I was wondering is can I swap the hub of 3/4gear with 5th gear? From what I can see I would need to swap out the mechanism inside the hub. And the hub would need to be flipped but are they matching parts just different internals? As by flipping the hub itís would be untouched teeth for 3rd and ok teeth for 4th and then the hub that was selecting 4th ok would then be selecting 5th and the worn teeth would be at the top of the gearbox unused. Gearbox code is 20cb90. Otherwise Iíd need to purchase a new hub from Peugeot? Canít seem to find them online or a part number. Or I buy an old box and strip it. Hope someone can help and this makes sense!

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The part numbers are different for the 3/4 and the 5th - that doesn't mean they're not swappable I suppose.

I'd just get any second hand MA gearbox, and use the bits you need from that.

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