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Suspension, Handling & Brakes Suspension set ups, uprated brakes

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alignment advise please

Ok, have my 106 s1 rallye suspension finally finished now and looking for front alignment advise. I remember a thread about alignment recommendations, but can't find it any more.


Front suspension:
- Lowered 4 cm GTI struts with steering arms lowered 4 cm too.
- Gas gold adjustable coilovers with 300lb springs and knuckles set to -1.5 degrees camber.
- Powerflex purple front and vibratech rear wishbone bushes. (might want to change to powerflex black for front wishbone bushes)
- Compbrake solid top mounts in powersteering position, don't know how much caster that gives.

Rear suspension.
- Lowered 3.5cm GTI axle with 18mm torsion bars and 18mm arb and solid alloy mounting bushes.
- VDmotorsport Camber set with -1.5 degrees, widening the car tracking at the rear 1.25cm each side.
- Satchell rocker suspension kit fitted with GAZ GMO-430 adjustable mono tubes with 100lb springs and helper springs.

- 5.5J14 steelies with 175/60R14 Nankang Toursport 611 all round.

Now I am looking after front alignment settings, how much toe in or out?

Some remarks, as rear axle has been lowered, the wheels have gotten some toe in (visible too) and less camber than the original -1.5 degrees, how much needs to be measured during alignment.

Car is used mostly for fast road driving.

Any advise or suggestions welcome

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