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Old 27-12-2017, 04:39 PM   #1
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1,3 Head tu5jp4 block 645 cams.


befor my question I m shiiv i m 26 from portugal i drive/have a 1.3 rallye ,a 1.3 xsi (portuguease xsi 1.3 its the same tu2j2 alloy engine from rallye s1 with xsi extras) a 1.5 xad (currently in restore fase) and a 1.6 16v engine and shell moded rallye s1.

My question goes to my 1.3 tu2j2 xsi. i m currently changing the block to a tu5jp4 from a c2 vts , and i want to use the 1.3 head (A 2j2) with 645 cams.but:

Anyone as does this? what valve clearence do i have in std? if anyone as done this how much and where i need to chop on the piston head if the clearence is minimal?

i havent done the clay method . just wanting some info beforhand.

ps: english aint my first/main language, dont mind a few mistakes here and ther

ps2: 106 parts aint a problem here in portugal, and since we have 1.3 xsi's there are alot of heads/13x59G.b blocks etc for cheap here. so i dont mind try and error till i got it but i dont want to damage a brand new camshaft with a bended valve :S
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Old 28-12-2017, 06:14 PM   #2
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melhor bloco para isso é o 1.6 nfw dos 1.6 8v, esse perde compressão por causa dos pistons serem saidos...
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Old 29-12-2017, 01:38 AM   #3
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actualmente o que está medido está entre 11.3:1 e 11.4:1 :| (foi calculado volume cilindro TDC LDC e volume CC's da cabeça antes de montar). junta gti/cup 1.2 mm cabeça e bloco faceado em retificadora. (cabeça/admiçao 1.3/borbuleta trabalhada), motor ainda nao trabalhou, (está fora) pois tenciono montar catcams 645, molas e chapeus (ainda por adquirir) e (ja adquirido) um voltante motor mais leve (200mm, 3.3kg) e jogo completo de polies aluminium)

Original no 1.3 tu2j2 10.2:1 . do NFU 10.8:1 .

é a 1 fase NFU pistons lisos (10fx21). em TDC ficam completamente a nivel da face do bloco.
Mas a questao nao é essa. é mesmo cams 645 da catcams o quanto vou ficar de margem com a valvula aberta em TDC.
Antes de comprar as cams queria saber isto para saber quanto e onde tenho de cortar no piston. (depois disto devo ficar na casa dos 10.x:1.) se alguem o fez , recomendaçoes para onde e quanto cortar)

English: the question here is: if anyone befor with a tu5jp4 block with a tu2j2 head using catcams 645 how much valve clearence did it have and if i need to cnc the piston for valve clearence how much and where do i need to "chop"
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Old 31-01-2018, 01:56 PM   #4
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Olha que há topicos sobre isso... já li algo sobre isto por aqui. tenta procurar.
Eu li algo do genero porque andei a procura de soluções para meter molas valvula duplas, e queria saber se metendo outras 8 de origem dentro das que la estao, resultava... e acho que alguem depois comecou a falar da cam 646... etc.
Supostamente essa cam é plug and play... os internos originais aguentam, pelo que vi no site da catcams.
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Old 01-03-2018, 07:37 AM   #5

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Do you have a tu5jp4 (110hp) or tu5jp4s(125hp) block? Pistons are different by my knowledge, they should be as the jp4s has higher compression ratio.

I haven't used or seen this block with 8v head yet, but with tu5jp block (1.6 8v 90hp) that has dished pistons, I had to make cutouts.

But then again, my head was skimmed 1mm, and pistons were sticking 0.20mm out of the bores.
my project thread:
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Old 03-04-2018, 03:20 PM   #6
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its highly recommended to have at TDC a clearance of 1.5mm at full lift in order to be on the safe side ,the best method will be to install the head with a used gasket time the cam properly and turn the engine few times , do not forget to put some clay on the pistons and in case that you fell the lightest restriction once you turn the engine stop immediately or you might risk damaging your valves, i would advice that you will check this point in advance to avoid any surprises later on
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